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AmCham Mission

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) was founded in 1993 in Bratislava as an independent and self-supporting organization, entirely dependant on contributions from its members. Today, it serves as one of the most active foreign Chambers of Commerce in Slovakia. Currently, its membership has reached more than 300 international and Slovak companies, including many of the largest and important firms in Slovakia. Of this amount, approximately 40 % are American companies, about 40 % are Slovak companies and about 20 % are other nationalities.

The aim of AmCham is to "build bridges" among its members, non-members and many official political, diplomatic, economic and other representatives and institutions and to help fulfill goals and missions of its members much easier than on their own. It contributes to the development of a healthy business climate and to improving conditions not only for its members, but also for other businesses operating in Slovakia. Focusing on creating positive business conditions and environment that would positively influence development of investments existing in the Slovak Republic and supporting the influx of the new investments to this area, AmCham helps to increase the quality of everyday life in the Slovak Republic.

AmCham achieves its goals thanks to its various activities. The American Chamber of Commerce organizes regular meetings for its members with a great variety of representatives of the political and business spheres from Slovakia and abroad (as business breakfasts, workshops, seminars, round table discussions, conferences, business cocktails etc.). In addition, it publishes the official monthly "Connection" magazine. Also importantly, it acts as one voice for its members in presenting its agenda to the Slovak government and local business community, which enables member businesses to collectively lobby for legislative and regulatory changes etc. It offers many benefits to its membership: contacts, advocacy, services, information, promotion, and many others. Our members realize that by working together through AmCham they can achieve more than on their own. Capitalizing on the Slovak Republic's tremendous investment opportunities, AmCham, has grown to more than a dozen European and North American countries. The companies that are members of the AmCham have made significant investments in Slovakia. It is not only the amount of capital invested, but the energy of its members that is AmCham's strength. By working together through AmCham, American, Slovak, and other international businesses can achieve more than on their own. That is why AmCham has become a leading voice of business in Slovakia.

As a leading voice of foreign business in Slovakia, AmCham provides a wide range of contacts and networking. It is also a great source of information about the business climate in Slovakia. In addition, AmCham serves as an advocate to the Slovak government for Slovak and international business. AmCham also organizes numerous regularly scheduled events throughout the year, including monthly Roundtable Lunches, Business Breakfasts and Business Cocktails. Attending these events, members have an opportunity to meet, speak with and ask questions of many business and government leaders.

The American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic is dedicated to serving all of its members, large and small, whatever their line of business. Members of AmCham are members of the largest, most prestigious and most influential Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia.

The Mission of the AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in the Slovak Republic is:

  • PROTECT - To protect and promote the common economic interests of its Members.
  • REPRESENT - To represent, express and give effect to the opinions of the Members of the Chamber on all types of economic, trade, commerce, finance, industry, and other issues.
  • INFORM - To collect and disseminate information concerning trade, industry, agriculture, finance, banking, transportation, health care, NGOs, manufacturing, technology, professional activities, taxation and related laws, economics, and other related topics.
  • ASSIST - To assist in a non-commercial, non-profit role, Members engaged in trade with, or considering enterprises in the SR or elsewhere to attain legitimate objectives.
  • MAINTAIN - To maintain good relations with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other Chambers of Commerce, and commercial organizations of the USA located in the USA and elsewhere.
  • PROMOTE - To promote economic relations between the Slovak Republic ("SR"), the United States of America ("USA"), and other countries with regard to trade, industry, agriculture, finance, transportation, health care, NGOs, manufacturing, technology, professional activities, and other related activities.
  • HELP - To undertake all other lawful actions incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objectives.
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