What we do?

The American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia is a service-oriented organization. Throughout the past year, AmCham Slovakia has frequently shown that it is dedicated to serving its members through the support of its three main pillars: contacts, information and advocacy.


The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) was founded in 1993 in Bratislava as an independent and self-supporting organization, entirely dependant on contributions from its members. Today, it serves as one of the most active foreign Chambers of Commerce in Slovakia. Currently, its membership has reached more than 330 international and Slovak companies, including many of the largest and important firms in Slovakia. Of this amount, approximately 23 % are American companies, about 42 % are Slovak companies and about 35 % are other nationalities.


Our services


AmCham members appreciate the access to a great variety of local and foreign business partners, clients, Slovak and American politicians and even other expatriates as well. AmCham organizes numerous regularly scheduled events throughout the year, including monthly Business Cocktails, Business Breakfasts and Roundtable Luncheons. By attending these events, members have an opportunity to obtain important contacts to facilitate their business activities and become more visible in the business environment.


One of the most significant pillars of AmCham Slovakia is acting as a valuable, reliable and consistent source of a great variety of information. Our publications, including Connection magazine, the Membership Directory, Membership Benefits and Opportunities, Slovak Broachure, Annual Report, and the web site, are just some of the ways we provide information to our members.


The opportunity to be part of a powerful unified and representative voice is one of the advantages of AmCham membership. Through our committees, Task Forces and other advocacy efforts, AmCham members who share common interests, issues and challenges can approach the government or other appropriate authorities as a compelling, effective voice to support continual development of the business environment in Slovakia.

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