Why to invest in Slovakia?

Slovakia – Economic Tiger of Central Europe

Nine years ago Slovakia embarked on an ambitious plan of deep structural reforms with the vision of becoming one of the best business locations within the European Union (EU). Today Slovakia is widely seen as a success model for other EU countries for creating an investment and business-friendly environment. Slovakia is a full member of the EU, NATO and the OECD and has been described in media headlines as:

“Slovakia - Detroit of the East” The Financial Times, 20 February 2007

“Today, the country of 5.4 million is fast becoming a model for change among the ten countries that joined the European Union in May 2004.” The Wall Street Journal, 12 January 2005

“An economic tiger purrs in once backward East Europe.” The New York Times, 28 December 2004

“Slovakia is now widely seen as Europe’s fastest reformer”. Newsweek, 29 November 2004

“Slovakia is the leading reformer.” in “Doing Business in 2005: Removing Obstacles to Growth” Report by The World Bank, 8 September 2004

Slovakia is generally recognized as an open market economy whose ability and willingness to pay its liabilities puts it, according to prestigious rating agencies, on the “Investment” level, a level that is expected to increase. According to the Standard and Poor’s credit rating agency, Slovakia has become the leader of the Central European region.

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