Best Investment Opportunities

To utilize the knowledge of the Slovak people, investment incentives focus on investment projects from the high-tech sector and strategic services. The impact of state aid in these projects could reach 50% of the eligible investment costs represented by five forms of investment incentives (tax relief, financial grant, job creation grant, training grant, discounted price for land). For more information on the state incentive criteria please refer to Companies can also benefit from the positive effects of the business-friendly environment and the talent base in Slovakia.

Today’s best business opportunities can be found in these areas:

  • R&D, Design & Innovation
  • Technology Centers
  • ICT & SW Development
  • BPO
  • Regional Headquarters
  • High-tech sectors

Additional opportunities are found in the traditionally strong sectors with growth potential in Slovakia:

  • Machinery & Precision Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Metallurgy & Metal Processing
  • Electronics
  • Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals
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