A Base for Exporters

Slovakia is currently exceptionally attractive for investors whose production is aimed at exports. This is most significantly demonstrated by the automotive sector, which is to become the dominant sector of the Slovak economy when the Hyundai/Kia plant begins production, following PSA Peugeot Citroen and the very successful Volkswagen factory. According to foreign investors in Slovakia, the main advantages include:

  • low taxes;
  • strong state incentives;
  • flexible labor legislation;
  • very good workforce price/ performance ratio;
  • strong engineering tradition;
  • large selection of industrial land;
  • great geographical location;
  • reliable ICT and transportation infrastructure in the region.

Given these factors and the need of European companies for shared-service centers, global outsourcers have been focusing on boosting their capabilities in the CEE region. Slovakia has become the destination of almost 30 IT centers, including HP, Dell, Accenture, T-System, Lenovo, IBM, SkyEurope, Kraft Foods, AT&T and ON Semiconductor.

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