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Polina Korolova Events Coordinator

Mentor Network Program 2011


19. 05. 2011
The Mentor Network Program is seeking to retain and increase talent in the Slovak workforce. By focusing on the Business, Law, and Technical Universities, the Mentor Network tries to make a significant impact in helping to increase the number of diverse, highly qualified graduates that stay in the region.

Three to five students approached different business representatives with questions regarding their companies/industries. Students also discussed business representative’s personal success. Each business representative answered the students’ questions and revealed the contribution to his or her success and showed potential avenues for students future. Mentor Network Program was a pleasant two to three hours of networking event, where mentors were answering student’s questions and were helping them to see how the real business world is working at the Residence of US Ambassador.




May 19, 2011  


From 14:15 until 14:15  
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