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Business Seminar


19. 04. 2012
on "Intellectual Property Rights".

In light of the World IP Day, American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic, supported by its member companies, will hold a Seminar on IP Rights. The seminar will take place on April 19, 2012, starting at 9:00 AM in Bratislava, Slovakia. The seminar will provide views of legal experts, business representatives as well as representatives of state administration.

1.    Opening Address

2.    The ABC of IP: defining intellectual property

  • Copyright, trademarks, patents, domain names, databases, software…. most people 'have heard' about it, but … what are they in reality and why are they important?
  • These introductory presentations will explain the basics of intellectual property from both legal and marketing points of view, guiding the attendees through all the IP titles; explaining the main characteristics and the most common problems.

3.    Protecting your intellectual property on the internet: mission impossible?

  • Today's environment is largely 'digital'. This means an increased use of companies' brands on the internet, online advertising, increased piracy and counterfeiting, and other challenges connected to it.
  • This panel will combine various aspects of protecting IP on the internet, a perspective from the internet service providers (telecom operator), viewpoint from the software companies including an assessment from a legal expert (who will also provide information about the new case-law from the Court of Justice of the EU in this area).

4.    Customs enforcement of intellectual property: are our borders prepared to handle extensive IP infringements?

  • Thousands of goods pass by our borders every day. The boom of international trade also means the boom of the traffic with counterfeit and pirated products. Although large trucks are still massively passing by our borders, the trend is moving towards an increased number of small consignments which contain goods ordered via the internet. Are our borders safe from the IP infringements?
  • The panel speakers will include representatives of companies who deal with this issue on a regular basis. To reflect this, the Customs Administration of the Slovak Republic has set up a specific unit dealing with IP. How is the new department getting ready to tackle the challenges related to massive infringements of IP?   

5.    Protect your business: register your intellectual property, avoid problems

  • Even relatively simple and cheap, many companies operate without having their assets properly registered for years. The day comes for every company, to pay the price for neglecting to protect its intellectual property. And the price is usually far greater than if it registered its assets in the past…
  • In this panel, representatives from Industrial Property Office will discuss problems, which they encounter on a regular basis, and companies will talk about challenges they face, stemming from ‘genuine use of trademarks’



IPR Business Seminar - Connection magazine   Format: .pdf, size: 0.43MB Download  
Presentation of Andrej Hanus of Customs Office Bratislava   Format: .pdf, size: 0.17MB Download  
Presentation of Daniel Bursík of Nike   Format: .pdf, size: 15.01MB Download  
Presentation of Darina Kylianova of Industrial Property Office   Format: .pdf, size: 0.20MB Download  
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Presentation of Gabriel Fedorko of Microsoft, Part 1   Format: .pdf, size: 0.38MB Download  
Presentation of Gabriel Fedorko of Microsoft, Part 2   Format: .pdf, size: 2.36MB Download  
Presentation of Stefan Gerboc of Samsung   Format: .pdf, size: 0.60MB Download  
Presentation of Zuzana Hecko of Allen Overy, Part 1   Format: .pdf, size: 0.46MB Download  
Presentation of Zuzana Hecko of Allen Overy, Part 2   Format: .pdf, size: 0.45MB Download  



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Apr 19, 2012  


From 09:00 until 12:00  


Kempinski Hotel River Park, Dvořákovo nábrežie 6, Bratislava


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