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05. 05. 2017
International Conference under the patronage of UNESCO.

The year 2017 as the International Year of the Sustainable Tourism for Development gives the opportunity to think about tourism, as a sector for investment to stimulate local development. Tourism has the potential to contribute to Sustainable Development goals within the 2030 Agenda – Agenda for Sustainable Development and his Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainable tourism is firmly positioned in the 2030 Agenda. Achieving this agenda, however, requires a clear implementation framework, adequate financing and investment in technology, infrastructure and human resources. Cultural and natural heritage tourism, especially in their sustainable form, is the opportunity for economic development as well. Proper management of the tourism localities is the goal that the government and local authorities should try to achieve.

This conference is the flagship event of the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO, with the aim to confirm the enhanced cooperation between Slovak Republic and UNESCO. Slovakia is indeed interested to establish a kind of structure of governance of the multiple stakeholders acting in the sphere of promotion of the World Heritage in Slovakia, particularly aimed on the valorization of the World Heritage and the UNESCO brand to the benefit of the regions and local people.

The conference aims to bring together around 250 policymakers from Slovak Republic and V4 countries, as well as a range of stakeholders from state and public administration, local government, international organizations, academia, business and civil society, and encourage an open debate around sustainable tourism development, projects of the relevant UN players (UN Environment, Carpathian Convention etc.) and other related issues. The speakers will share experience on tourism development, on challenges, threats and boundaries, to compare notes, to widen existing partnerships and engage in an open debate about what it takes to gain sustainable tourism development.

The aim of the conference is:

  • To discuss the role and stimulate cooperation of different stakeholders in the sustainable tourism – state and public administration, central and local government, regional and international players, business sector, international organizations, financial institutions, academia and civil    society.
  • To promote recent solutions and best practices in tourism developed in Slovakia and V4 countries and present the potential financial ways of support for future actions.
  • To promote UNESCO´s “World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism” Programme in the region aimed at valorisation the UNESCO brand and improving tourism around UNESCO localities.
  • To identify solutions best suited to manage tourism and formulate proposals for accelerating such actions at various levels - from international, through national, to regional and local.

Co-hosted with the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Slovak Commission for UNESCO, UN Environment, Visegrad Fund, European Investment Bank, Carpathian Convention and other stakeholders.

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May 05, 2017  


From 08:00 until 17:00  


Hotel Alexander, Bardejov Spa
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