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Workshop in Košice


12. 09. 2017
with CSI Leasing and T-Systems Slovakia on "IT Equipment Lifecycle and its Management".

Companies invest a lot of time and energy into processes involved in purchasing their IT equipment, but can often be left wondering how to dispose of obsolete computers and technology. Taking a shortcut in disposal of IT equipment is not an option, and trying to sell or donate it can end up being more expensive in the long run. One of the most sensitive problems to be concerned about is your company data. A single breach of sensitive information can leave your company open to bad publicity, legal actions and financial risks. We will share the best practices on how global companies manage their IT Lifecycles, how sensitive data on hard drives and other storage media can often get overlooked during equipment disposal, and provide possible solutions of risk mitigation.


  • Ernest Salzer, Leasing Manager, CSI Leasing
  • Ladislav Ančic, Lifecycle Center Manager, CSI Lifecycle Europe
  • Štefan Sedlák, Head of Local Infrastructure Management, T-Systems Slovakia

As the number of seats is limited, please register online by September 11, 2017



Sep 12, 2017  


From 08:30 until 12:00  


EveryDay Košice, BCK (11th Floor), Štúrova 27


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