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25. 01. 2018
on “eGovernment” in Slovakia and its Influence on Business.

eGovernment is a Slovak electronic form of public administration performance in the application of information and communication technologies. Since July 1, 2017, legal entities registered in the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic have had electronic mailboxes obligatorily activated. Official documents and signatures in writing according to Act No. 305/2013 Coll. on e-Government are equivalent to an electronic document with a qualified electronic certificate signing.

Do you know?

  • that eGovernment is also applicable to foreign business entities?
  • how to acquire access to an electronic mailbox for a foreign statutory representative?
  • that public authorities can send you official decrees, which can be linked to passing time limits?
  • that you can receive an enforcement decision solely into the electronic mailbox?
  • that there is a Central Public Administration Portal?

Come to the workshop to find out more about eGovernment!


  • Rastislav Pavlík, Expert Consultant, Epodpora
  • Michal Belohorec, Expert Consultant, Epodpora
  • Jozef Brngál, Consultant, Epodpora


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Jan 25, 2018  


From 09:30 until 12:00  


Crowne Plaza, AmCham Office, 1st floor,, Hodžovo námestie 2
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