07. 06. 2019
International conference with a focus on management in education, and is organized jointly by the Bridge – English Language Centre, Pilgrims, EAQUALS and LAMSIG.

9 practical workshops run by professionals in teacher education from all around the world. Workshops are in English and you´ll learn how to have more impact on your student results via improving work with your teacher/lecturer team:

  • Leading your team to have impact on your students´ results
  • Observations and feedback
  • Basic coaching methods
  • What Neuroscience teaches us about change, how to change things in your school
  • And many other

At the conference, we are pleased to welcome Mike Carrier, Silvana Richardson, Chris Farrell, Dave Allen, Mike Shreeve, Maureen McGarvey and several other presenters. This year's themes include the importance of feedback, mentoring, and we will also focus on coaching as a managerial tool. Watch short videos with some of our speakers introducing their workshops:

Join us for LAMSIG 2019, meet new colleagues, get inspired & motivated and have fun with like-minded people. They say management is a lonely job; so, don't hesitate to join other “loners” by registering at

Conference fee: 60€

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