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For companies that strongly support the Chambers´activities and would like to receive the maximum benefit of AmCham membership and its promotional opportunities.

For “Big Business” with more than 75 employees or revenue higher than 3 million €.

For “Small Business” with less than 75 employees or revenue less than 3 million €.

A Non-Profit Institution member

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4000 € per year

2300 € per year

850 € per year

500 € per year

500 € per year

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Administrative Contact

The administrator account will be used to manage the member organization and update its profile and contact information.


Each representative will be published as a contact person for the company in the AmCham Directory of Members. If you want your email published as well, please tick the box “Public” next to it. Direct phone numbers are only for internal use of AmCham. The emails provided will also be included in the AmCham internal mailing list in order to receive information on our events and other activities as well as our Monthly News.


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Please supply the names and contacts of two persons who know you and your business:

Please supply the name of an AmCham member or an AmCham executive officer who/which recommends your membership:

I hereby confirm that the information provided above is true and correct. I agree that during the period of the applicant (Company) membership in the American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic (AmCham), the information from this application form can be used in AmCham´s publications and website. The company applying for membership is responsible for informing AmCham about any change of circumstances. The membership is active from the first payment of membership dues and is automatically renewed every January 1.
The American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic ("AmCham") processes the personal data of the employees of its members, in accordance with the provisions of Section 78 (3) of Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data and on the amendment of certain laws, exclusively in the scope of title, name, surname, job title, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address at the workplace. AmCham processes the personal data in suitable way that the seriousness, human dignity and security of the person concerned are not compromised. The purpose of AmCham's processing of personal data is to fulfill AmCham's obligations with respect to its members. AmCham is authorized to further process the obtained personal data for the purposes of its promotional and marketing activities as well as the promotional and marketing activities of its members and sponsors of individual events organized by AmCham or in cooperation with AmCham.

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