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First GEP National Challenge 2013 in Slovakia

Slovak Students Compete in Global Economy to find innovative solutions for public transports.

JA Slovakia (JA Slovensko) hosted the first Global Enterprise Project National Challenge of 2012/2013 school year in Bratislava on 5 February, involving 100 students from across the country.

The final event of the Slovak GEP Challenge 2013 was organised by Junior Achievement Slovakia, Siemens and Telefonica and the Slovak Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic.

The students were mixed up into 20 teams and had just eleven hours to develop solutions to a global problem: “Design a smart solution to streamline traffic with the use of mobile applications in particular.” They created products with a futuristic outlook taking into account their innovativeness, sustainability and global aspects.

The Winning Team "CMT" came up with a solution consisting in an application that easily and conveniently consolidates all types of transport in the city.They propose to solve the challenge by consolidating a more attractive public transport, thereby contributing to greater use of public transport. Furthermore, they would like to achieve a lower number of cars on the road by introducing bike stations and urban tolls which will contribute to the improvement of environmental capital. The jury highly evaluated well processed concept, complex application, modular solutions, taxi sharing and that the team members have thought, what will they do, how they do it, who will address and how it will be funded.

 Team “6” placed second with their concept of application associated with the GPS on phone to search parking lots on the outskirts of the city.A concept of underground and automatic parking houses, change of working time because of traffic peaks, electric cars, solar cars and buses, bicycles and mobile application connected all of these was developed by the third place team: Ecology Planet.

The first two winning teams will participate in the European GEP Challenge finale in Torino on 25th and 26th of May 2013!

“Working for several hours with 4 totally strangers, whom I see for the first time in my life, to prepare successful project from the beginning to the end, to present project, this is called a great experience. I do not took this day as a day when I do not go to school, this day was a day for me called CHALLENGE. The challenge, which I accepted, and challenge I fulfilled. Big thanks belong to our business advisors” Stefan Munka, member of winning team.

More information can be found here: http://sponsor.ja-ye.org

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