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Dentons presents "Investing in renewable energy projects in Europe" 2017 Guide

Dentons’ European Energy team is delighted to present the 2017 edition of the guide, “Investing in renewable energy projects in Europe”.
It gives snapshots of the prospects for renewable energy projects in 16 jurisdictions in Europe and Central Asia, including Slovakia. The renewable energy market never stands still. Technical advances and the increased prevalence of competitive tendering mechanisms are driving down costs globally. Changes in political and economic conditions can transform the climate for renewable projects in a country overnight – and not always for the better. Across Europe as a whole, however, the renewables industry continues to expand and develop. Increasingly, the preoccupation of policy-makers is not so much how to stimulate new projects, but how to accommodate the shift towards wind and solar power and make power systems more flexible as they come to rely more heavily on variable generation sources. Commercial success in the renewables sector continues to hinge on understanding current and anticipating future trends, spotting opportunities as they arise, minimizing risk and putting in place an agile business model that is capable of surviving shocks and uncertainties. Dentons produced this guide in cooperation with Recharge, the global source for renewable energy news and intelligence.

The Guide is available on the link: http://www.dentons.com/en/insights/guides-reports-and-whitepapers/2017/january/24/investing-in-renewable-energy-projects-in-europe  
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