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More than half of Slovaks work abroad

For the last 15 years, the population of Slovakia has decreased by 300,000. This is because many people leave their homes and look for better conditions abroad. Do you know how many of them have left and why they don´t want to come back?
 According to the Institute of Financial Policy (IFP), 59.1% of Slovaks work in another country, not in their home country in order to earn more money. The same percentage says they would return back only because of their families or higher salaries (39.4%). They see the low economic prosperity in Slovakia and the current political situation as big problems as well. The study also shows that it is mostly graduates of medical and technical universities who leave the country. The consequences are visible already today. However, it is not only about these two groups. There is also a lack of craftsmen and graduates of technical secondary schools as well as those who are able to work with new media.

The economic migration does not only result in the outflow of technologically and professionally qualified people but reduces competitiveness among job applicants. Younger people have a higher chance to find a job where they would otherwise need more experience. The migration of Slovaks abroad is influenced also by the job market and distorted unemployment figures. Even though statistics speak about record-low numbers of unemployed people, this is in truth caused also by the high number of people working abroad who are not registered at employment offices. Unfortunately, their massive outflow affects more factors that it might seem. And this is one of the reasons why we will be happy to welcome you at Balanced HR. Let us help you find a job which will show you that staying and working in Slovakia can be a good idea.  
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