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O2 Providing the Widest Network and More Than 90% Coverage by 4G LTE

Owing to a significant increase of its coverage in the recent period, as of today O2 offers the widest network in Slovakia. The operator’s 4G LTE signal is already available to more than 90% of population and by extending the national roaming, the 2G network will achieve more than a 99.8% coverage.

Not even 2 years ago, O2 announced significant investments into construction and development of its networks. In 2016, the operator managed to cover around 300 new locations with the latest 4G LTE signal and got the fast Internet to more than 680 towns and municipalities. O2 increased the coverage of population from the starting 25% to 70% towards the end of 2016. In addition to the inhabited locations, the operator concentrated also on covering the motorways and speedways. This year, the construction of 4G LTE continued at an even higher pace. For 9 months, O2 added another 1,080 newly covered locations and at the end of September the coverage by the 4G signal reached 90.6%, making O2 number one among the operators.

“The pace of building our own 4G LTE network enabled us to get to the leading position among operators in a relatively short time horizon and I am very pleased that at the moment I can say that the coverage percentage of 90.6 % actually means the widest 4G LTE network in the market. However, an even better piece of news for our customers is that the construction continues, since the entire effort regarding the building of our networks is aimed precisely at the best possible customer experience with O2 in every aspect,“ said Peter Gažík, Chief Executive Officer of O2 Slovakia.

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