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Consequences of hiring the wrong employees

The current situation on the job market is changing more dynamically and with generations Y and Z coming, the structure of companies is becoming different.
People look mainly for interesting corporate culture and good relationships in the work place these days. But what do companies look for? How to identify the right candidate and avoid negative economic impact? The personality of a new team member can be crucial and influence not only the company´s profit but also the atmosphere among the already existing group of colleagues. Sometimes companies decide to hire somebody mainly due to their skills and experience although this personality does not fit to their portfolio at all. This can result in unwillingness to cooperate, individualism and unfriendly competitiveness, which can in turn lead to failures to perform work tasks and lack of transparency that may have negative economic effects. The decreasing employee morale is a real threat if companies do not choose the right candidates. Negative economic impact on companies with non-enthusiastic, unmotivated people who do not identify themselves with the company´s brand is not that rare these days. Many present-day team leaders are flooded with personal problems and cannot cope with the decreasing productivity, work performance and falling profits. Every company is unique and there is no universal recipe that would guarantee hiring the right person.

Recommendation: choose new people from already reviewed CVs, and select from verified databases e.g.: cvmango.com or use the help of personal-consultancy companies which follow behavioural trends and focus on companies´ requirements when hiring.  
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