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Giese & Partner: Chapters on Shareholders‘ Rights and Obligations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia published in December 2017

In December 2017, the Globe Law and Business publisher launched a Global Guide on Shareholders‘ Rights and Obligations, to which Giese & Partner proudly contributed a chapter on the Czech Republic written by Dr. Ernst Giese & Mgr. Bc. Jaroslava Trojanová, and a chapter on Slovakia written by Mgr. Slavomír Čauder & JUDr. Zuzana Francúzová.
Publisher’s note: „… In recent times the position of shareholders has become more and more scrutinized. … This practical handbook provides an overview of relevant legal issues concerning shareholders in some 25 of the most important business nations around the globe. It provides guidance to shareholders, directors, supervisory directors, general counsel and their attorneys to promote a better understanding of the rights, but also the obligations, of shareholders. Besides, this guide provides all those concerned with practical information on the relevant dispute resolution systems…“  
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