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A&O’s Lucia Raimanova makes history with the first all-women arbitral tribunal at the Vienna International Arbitration Centre

The Vienna International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) is an international arbitration institution with a particular stronghold in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), but attracting also parties from further afield, notably Africa and Oceania.
Its recently-released annual report shows that it began 43 new international arbitration and mediation cases in 2017.   Notably, it also reports the formation of its first all-female tribunal.  (VIAC has been publishing the names of arbitrators sitting on its cases since 1 January 2017.)  

Lucia Raimanova, a Counsel in Allen & Overy’s International Arbitration Group, was nominated by the VIAC Board to the three-member panel on behalf of the respondent.  She and her co-arbitrator then agreed on the Chair of the Tribunal.  

Lucia relocated to Bratislava from London in June 2016 to lead the firm’s international arbitration practice within the CEE.

Lucia comments: “Like many sectors, also international arbitration struggles with retaining female talent in leading roles. Securing gender equality in arbitrator appointments is no easy task. There is still an insufficient pool of experienced female arbitrators and it does not help that arbitrators are often associated with an image of white-haired men. In this case, my co-arbitrator and I made sure we had an equally qualified male candidate for the role of the Chairman of the Tribunal but, as luck would have it, we ended up with the female candidate who is doing a wonderful job as a Chairwoman.”

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