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Ronald Blaško became the Executive Director of AmCham Slovakia!

On June 1, 2018 Ronald Blaško became the new Executive Director of AmCham Slovakia!

"We live in the age of acceleration. Everything is getting faster and it also means that trust can be lost faster than ever. We see it in case of eroded trust in mainstream politicians and traditional institutions in the West. The global middle class feels threatened and, in the West, even getting smaller. It is a positive paradox that the American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic, under the leadership of Jake during the last 17 years, has managed steadily to improve its reputation in the Slovak society, gain continuously greater trust among its members and stakeholders, and positively contribute to the prosperity of Slovakia. It will be my role and the role of the AmCham Slovakia team to continue building on these firm foundations laid by Jake. To make AmCham Slovakia dynamic enough to keep up with the latest business, technological and societal trends. To have this institution perceived as not only as “Chamber of Commerce” but also as a ”Chamber of Values and Ideas” which will aspire to be a role model within the business community and positively contribute to the prosperity and stability of this country.“

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