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Get young talents to your company from around Europe via Erasmus traineeships

Workspace Europe is a consortium of universities that offer access to young and talented students from European universities as trainees via EU program Erasmus+ with potential to become future employees.

Who are the trainees?
University students usually in their last years of study or fresh graduates.

What sectors are possible?
All sectors, we cooperate with over 150 Universities across EU.

Any time during the year.

Duration of traineesips?
5-6 months fulltime with the support of the program (possibility of employment after).

What are the main benefits of the Erasmus traineeship program?
Erasmus traineeship program is an EU program supporting international internship mobilities of students. There is no employment agenda, trainees do not become your employees and you do not pay them a salary. You get an extra team member for temporary period and it may be a unique source of potential future emloyees.

How is the selection process?
You specify the requirements on candidates, we then arrange a recruitment at our partnering Universities across Europe to present you the pre-screened candidates, eligible for the program and matching your needs. You make your final interview (skype/tel) to decide for the final candidate.

How long doeas the selection process take? (from placing the descritpion until the arrival)
Average 1-2 months, depending on the sector.

What about administration and practical arrangements around internship?
After a final trainee is selected, we take care of all administration and practical needs of the internship before the arrival and bring you your trainee at the agreed start date. We stay in assistance to trainees during the whole internships to help them with any matters so you can only focus on their internship tasks.

What is the cost for my company?
530 Euro (excl.VAT) /month

Contact: WorkSpace Europe, Štúrova 3, 811 02 Bratislava, Tel.: +421 (0) 948 222021, Email:, 

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