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Would you like to have a clean office and be socially responsible?

Deafinitely Clean is a cleaning service run by the EPIC Non-profit organization in Bratislava, providing cleaning services in smaller scale offices and households by disabled or disadvanted people, especially deaf, who have troubles finding a job opportunity at open market labor.
Deafinitely Clean is not just a usual cleaning service. In addition to the high quality of its services, Deafinitely Clean also offers added value in providing opportunities for people with disabilities in the open labor market. It is also up to us to make the world of the deaf more integrated into the world of the hearing and vice versa. Deafinitely Clean would also like to serve as a bridge that connects two worlds, the world of the deaf and the world of the hearing. Thanks to our service, the hearing people often receive the first direct experience of a deaf person, and they will have the opportunity to learn how to communicate with the world of the deaf. Deafinitely Clean\'s ambition is to facilitate work for deaf people where they encounter the world of hearing individuals, are exposed to mutual communication and acquaintance without the stress of potential discrimination and rejection due to their impairment/being different, since the work and service of a non-hearing client is offered to customers under the attractive slogan “cleaning without needless talk”. We believe that such an experience can contribute to a more sensitive perception of the world of people with disabilities by the majority. Deafinitely Clean wants to highlight the presence of the deaf and their everyday life in the world of the hearing majority.

For more information about the prices, services and additional information, please visit our webpage or contact Arnold Ponesz on or call +421 911 221 266.  
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