RULE OF LAW meeting with Prime Minister

On Thursday, April 6, representatives of the Rule of Law Initiative led by AmCham met with Prime Minister R. Fico, Vice Prime Minister L. Žitňanská, State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior D. Saková, Police President T. Gašpar and several other representatives of the Government Office.

The meeting took place due to the fact that a government resolution obliges the Prime Minister to meet with the representatives of the Rule of Law Initiative on an annual basis and report the governmental progress on fulfilling the Action Plan on Strengthening Rule of Law in Slovakia, adopted in July 2015.  The Action plan, adopted as a reaction to the Rule of Law Initiative, consists of three main pillars:

  1. Transparent and predictable legislative process
  2. Corruption as a negative factor for investments in Slovakia
  3. Efficient and transparent judiciary as a stable condition for investors in Slovakia

Prime Minister opened the meeting by highlighting the importance of the joint platform for dialogue with the business community and presented a short update on fulfillment of the tasks outlined in the Action Plan. Present business leaders welcomed the government´s intention to actively continue in strengthening the rule of law and fighting corruption as the Rule of Law initiative and its principles were incorporated into the Government Program 2016-2020.

Despite positive declarations, business leaders strongly emphasized the need for visible progress and tangible results in improving the legislative process, eliminating real, as well as perceived, corruption and increasing the efficiency and predictability of the judiciary. They also stressed the need for integrity of public officials as they should serve as role models in strengthening rule of law in Slovakia. Prime Minister was also presented with a joint letter, signed by 14 business associations and chambers of commerce focusing on public procurement.

The wider business community calls for a more efficient and independent Public Procurement Office as well as inclusive and cross-sectoral approach in reforming both the Office and improving the current public procurement legislation. The letter was also addressed to the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Finance.
At the end of the meeting both the Prime Minister and the business leaders called for further dialogue and active cooperation on improving the specified areas.

The meeting was reported by several media, including RTVS, TA3,, TASR, dennik N.

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