Call for Tender: 2017 AmCham Slovakia Membership Survey

The American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia (AmCham Slovakia) was founded in 1993 in Bratislava as an independent and self-supporting organization, entirely dependent on contributions from its members.

Today, it serves as one of the most active foreign Chambers of Commerce in Slovakia. Currently, its membership has reached more than 330 international and Slovak companies, including many of the largest and important firms in Slovakia. In order to actively involve members in planning of the organization’s strategy and to evaluate the existing operations, AmCham Slovakia intends to carry out its fourth membership survey.

Target Group - members of AmCham Slovakia

The objective of the AmCham Slovakia Membership Survey 2017 is to obtain data by capturing and analyzing a representative amount of properly completed questionnaires and to benchmark it with previous three surveys in order to:

a. identify strengths and weaknesses in the current operations:

  • member perception of AmCham (membership benefits, motivation)
  • image of the organization as perceived by members
  • level of satisfaction (events, Connection magazine, website, public presentations, promotion, communication, etc.)

b. specify priority areas for AmCham Slovakia to concentrate on in the future:

  • improvements in current activities
  • additional activities

General survey

  • Create and/or update a questionnaire with no more than 25 questions that is synchronized with the data sets of the 2013 AmCham Membership Survey. The compatibility is required for tracking historic trends, and for analysis and comparison with future data.
  • Conduct a web-based format of the questionnaire to ensure a representative sample of members.

Individual survey

  • Create an in-depth interview that is synchronized with the 2013 AmCham Membership Interview format.
  • Undertake face to face individual interviews with approximately 15 of our Patron member companies’ representatives excluding those that are represented on the AmCham’s Board of Directors.

Both surveys

  • Accurately capture data and analyze the survey results using suitable tools.
  • Provide AmCham with accurate data and reports within agreed timescales.
  • Summarize the outcomes and identify top priorities for AmCham in the future.
  • Attend a formal evaluation meeting with the AmCham Board of Directors following the completion of the survey.

Specific details of the previous surveys and more detailed and specific requirements will be given to the company awarded with the contract. 

The contract will be awarded to the most advantageous tender in terms of the criteria stated below:

  1. evidence of the ability to undertake extensive quality assured fieldwork
  2. evidence of the ability to accurately assign, data capture and analyze questionnaires within agreed deadlines
  3. evidence of relevant experience, training, qualifications for every level of staff involved in the survey
  4. quality assurance procedures for the project
  5. price considerations (lowest/most advantageous concerning quality of work/results/efficiency)
  6. ability to provide standard reports and raw data on agreed timescales
  7. evidence of effectively carrying out a project of a similar size and nature
  8. innovation in delivering and improving the survey with suggested changes (Please find the 2013 questionnaire attached)


The closing date for offers is 9 a.m., June 15th, 2017.

Finalizing and presenting the survey is expected in mid September 2017.

Please send your offer by e-mail to or bring it in person to the AmCham office, Hotel Crowne Plaza (1st Floor), Hodžovo námestie 2, 816 25 Bratislava.

Download the "Questionnaire_2013"
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