AmCham meets with Slovak Prime Minister

On Thursday, December 7, Todd Bradshaw, President of AmCham Slovakia, and Scott D. Buckiso, First Vice President of AmCham Slovakia, met along with US Ambassador A. Sterling with Prime Minister Robert Fico.

They predominantly discussed the need for improvements in two areas crucial for AmCham members:


  • Legislative process – AmCham leaders warned about introducing major legislative changes through Members of Parliament, thus bypassing the regular consultations and impact assessments. Such steps contradict the Rule of Law principles which were incorporated in the 2016 Government manifesto.
  • Need for independent regulatory institutions – A more transparent process selection process of heads of regulatory institutions (ÚVO, ÚRSO, etc.) with truly independent candidates was pointed out as the entire business community needs trustworthy regulators making predictable and evidence-based policies.


  • Education reform - AmCham leaders emphasized the need for serious education reform and the need for Slovakia to shift to more sophisticated type of work such as R&D and science.  There is a need for real change at this point and diversification of the economy should become a priority of the Government.
  • Labor market - AmCham leaders expressed the concern around lack of skilled workers and the need for easier immigration from EU and non-EU countries, especially in areas with the most significant lack of qualified people. It was emphasized AmCham does not support social dumping but its members need a strong supply of skilled people. 

In addition, several other topics were raised, including recent legislative proposal concerning the night shift rates and the overall high cost of social contributions compared to other countries, which has a negative impact on the overall competitiveness of Slovakia. 

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