EY Fraud Survey finds senior managers failing to set right tone on business ethics

According to the latest biennial EY EMEIA Fraud Survey, there has been only sporadic progress made in tackling bribery and corruption across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.
The survey of 4,100 respondents from 41 countries shows that more than half (51%) still perceive corruption in their country as a problem. As many as 81% of Slovak respondents think that corrupt practices happen widely in business in Slovakia, which is the fourth worst result of all participating countries. Twenty-seven percent of all respondents even stated that it is common practice in their business sector to use bribery to win contracts. A much lower, but still significant 14% of respondents in Western Europe cited this practice. The EY survey finds that senior management are failing to foster a culture of ethical behavior: three quarters (77%) of board members or senior managers from the region admit that they would be willing to justify some form of unethical behavior to help their business survive.

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