O2 Business Services supplying telecommunications services for the consortium D4R7

D4R7, the Bratislava bypass that is one of Slovakia’s largest and most recent PPP projects, was looking for a strategic partner to cover its telecommunications services.

The project to construct the D4 and R7, which will become Bratislava’s south bypass and part of the southern expressway network linking West and East Slovakia, requires a comprehensive portfolio of services emphasizing quality, flexibility and price. The lowest bid came from O2 Business Services.

It was a business account looking for a partner to cover comprehensive telecommunications services for D4R7 Construction s.r.o., the contractor building the Bratislava bypass. A tender to choose the chief contractor for these services was announced by the D4R7 consortium after the company had finally selected its Bratislava headquarters.  Several companies were vying to supply mobile telecommunications services and in a transparent selection process it was O2 Business Services that emerged from the tender victorious.

Comprehensive customized solutions
The very first step O2 Business Services took as contractor was to provide a Business Internet connection. But the greatest challenge D4R7 and O2BS faced together was to set up individual services at the headquarters, since D4R7 required services to be provided under a strict timetable, in a very short time and in accordance with strict technical specifications, conditions to enable the rapid acceleration of the project.

Taking a pro-customer approach brings many client benefits
O2 Business Services Sales Director Martin Ďurov explains it like this: "O2 Business Services’ role in this successful partnership has not only been classic business administration of corporate staff and different outsourced coworkers. We also aim primarily to contribute toward customer comfort and them trusting the quality of our services. Therefore, our corporate strategy is to proactively provide additional services such as, in this case, covering the building with a modern and secure Wi-Fi network, providing IP telephony and virtual exchanges, and even the opportunity for teleconferences.”

Creating a new standard for internet services
Classic business administration leaves room for many innovations. O2 Business Services has introduced customers to Internet Business, a service that is part of a package of services provided to D4R7 that guarantees symmetrical bandwidth that is not aggregated. This means that connection speed never drops even when there is a heavy load on infrastructure, something quite common among large clients during a business day. The service includes setting up a backup connection to automatically redirect all traffic in the event of unexpected downtime.

A representative at D4R7 Construction s.r.o. assesses how delivered solutions are functioning and the cooperation with O2 Business Services as follows: “We have been more than satisfied with the services O2 Business Services is providing. One of the biggest benefits I see is excellent customer support to address our requirements, support that is fast, professional and accommodating – many times things are resolved quickly with little waiting. I can just confirm that O2 gives us a stable connection combined with high-quality hardware and top products. says Róbert Szilas, IT Administrator for D4R7 Construction s.r.o., “The cooperation up to now I perceive as positive, and so far we have experienced no failures."

About O2 Business Services
O2, the parent of O2 Business Services, is the largest provider of integrated telecommunications services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It serves 8.6. million mobile and fixed-line customers. Since 2015, it has offered solutions to the most demanding corporate accounts. It provides corporations and government accounts with a comprehensive portfolio of fixed-line voice and data services, mobile phone services and professional ICT solutions. O2BS is ISO certified in several other areas in addition to holding ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certificates, a Certificate of Industrial Security issued by the Slovak National Security Bureau and the Seal of Reliability from the National Information Center of the Slovak Republic.

About D4R7 Construction s.r.o.
D4R7 Construction s.r.o. is the chief contractor for the D4/R7 Bratislava Bypass.
It is a consortium of Ferrovial Agroman and PORR, the companies named to design and construct the 27-kilometer D4 motorway and 32-kilometer R7 expressway.  Completion of the D4 and R7 will bring a new, high-speed southern bypass of Bratislava 59 kilometers long that will become part of the south expressway network linking western and eastern Slovakia. The overall scheme for the D4/R7 bypass calls for 14 exits, 122 bridges including a new bridge across the Danube and a new viaduct over the Slovnaft complex.


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