Kinnarps Presents Next Office™

Today, work is not something you go to. Work is what you do. In the course of a working day you carry out various tasks, and with today’s technology you can do them in different environments – both in your workplace and outside it.
Kinanrps brings to the companies Next Office™ Concept – new approach to the working environments of the future. Today there is a need for well-planned and appealing workplaces which promote the way we work, meet and learn together. Effective solution is an activity-based way of working, Next Office – ABW (Activity Based Working), a way of working based on our interpretation of research, new ideas and insights. The working environment is customized to its actual occupancy, and the individual workplace can be replaced by a large number of flexible, functional and stimulating settings which promote various work tasks.

  • An environment which promotes the activities the employees carry out in the office.
  • A sustainable and flexible workplace which can be customised to accommodate changes in the workforce.
  • Spaces for spontaneous meetings which generate creativity.
  • Increased well-being among the employees, who can move between different ergonomically correct work settings.
  • Reduced facility costs due to more efficient use of space and less need of rearrangements.
„The workplaces of the future will be more focused on the individual and based on the activities which we actually do,” says Henrik Axell, Next Office Concept Manager at Kinnarps AB. Learn more at  
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