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Policy process

AmCham Rules and Procedures for Conducting Policy
Policy Issues
A decision about when to take action towards any legislation or relevant policy document is taken either after:
  1. The AmCham members were informed about the identified issue and had at least 5 working days to express their position; or
  2. Based upon the decision of the AmCham Board of Directors.
To begin any advocacy or lobbying effort, support and active involvement of at least 5 AmCham member companies is obligatory.

Work in Committees and Task Forces
Voluntary participation, no entitlement for compensation.
Chairperson – elected by members of the Committee, approved by the Board
Vice Chair – assists with coordination, in the absence of the Chair takes over the leadership

  • Meetings – should be on a regular basis, preferably once a month
  • Agenda – prepared by C. Coordinator 5 working days in advance
  • Minutes – Actions and Decisions – sent to C. members within 7 working days after the meeting

Preparation of Advocacy Plans and Lobbying Strategies
Every advocacy/lobbying initiative should be accompanied by an Advocacy Plan, available at the members only website area, containing:

  • Lobbying Tool – Position Papers, Policy Briefs, Press Releases
  • Target Audience – Government, Parliament, Stakeholders
  • Timeframe – adapted to the AmCham rules and procedures, legislative process or other processes of concern
  • Possible Coalitions – Foreign Chambers of Commerce in SR, business alliances, organizations or federations
  • Leadership and Issue – Ownership - Chairs, Vice-Chairs, Spokespersons

Approval of Position Papers and Position Letters
Standard approval procedure

  • First stage - pre-draft of a Position Statement, written by a member or committee coordinator is circulated among AmCham members that have expressed interest in the given topic. Comments to be submitted within 5 working days.
  • Second stage -  members’ suggestions incorporated and an appropriate wording of the position formulated. The second stage shall not exceed 3 working days.
  • Third (final) stage - final draft circulated among members and AmCham Board Members for their review. Conflicting requirements to be resolved by the coordinator. The final stage must not last more than 5 working days. Not responding within this timeframe is considered as an approval.
Fast-track procedure

In case an urgent Position of AmCham needs to be released – two working days. The fast-track procedure has been amended on the Board Meeting in Oct. 2007.

  • First phase (24 hours –  one working day): AmCham consults the proposed Statement (and enclosed Advocacy Plan / Lobbying Strategy if applicable) with Members of the Board Policy / Advocacy Standing Committee; potential comments and subsequent approval of at least three Members of the Policy Standing Committee and at least one Member of the AmCham Executive Committee are needed within a 24-hour period.  In addition, an Executive Sponsor from within the Board must be identified for each initiative.
  • Second phase (48 hours – two working days): AmCham sends the draft of the Position Statement in the version approved by the Policy Standing Committee to the full Board. This stage should not last more than two working days. Not responding within this timeframe is considered as approval. Unless a member involved in the process is not happy with the final version, the position paper can be released.

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