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  • I’m HERE for you - literally! Your on-site concierge.
  • No bubble on Slovak or Czech residential real estate market
  • Why is Slovakia losing competitiveness?
  • The Walloon region of Belgium …The place to be!
  • From junior generalists to senior versatilists
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The "Directory of Members" - this comprehensive listing of member companies contains the all-important contact info, relevant addresses, description of business activities and other facts about all of our member companies. Besides their company profiles, all Patron Members have their logos published as Patrons.

Annual reports give us the opportunity to report to you - the people who support us and make our work possible. But the work we do far exceeds the capacity of these reports to tell our story.

AmCham Slovakia publishes a wide variety of publications, most of which are available to download, free of charge. You can view the full list below.

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