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Ivan Mistrík "Connection" Magazine Editor

Connection magazine

The Connection magazine is tangible proof of AmCham’s diverse activities in Slovakia. It informs about both past and upcoming events, ongoing policy and advocacy activities, and lists all its current members. Moreover, it is a medium where AmCham members can present expert information on the issue’s selected topic, their latest news or advertise their products and services.
The Connection magazine is distributed to over 330 AmCham members as a visible reflection of their membership dues as well as free of charge to government authorities, international organizations and embassies located in Slovakia, Bratislava’s largest hotels, sister chambers of commerce in Europe and the headquarters of the American Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C. The magazine is also freely available at all AmCham events.

Over the past several years our magazine has been awarded three medals in the category of “Non-Profit, State-Funded or Public Administration Organizations” in annual “Corporate Medium of the Year” competitions.

Connection is a bimonthly and its total print is 1300 copies. Every issue is devoted to one topical area. Frequently covered topics include Finance, HR, IT & Telecoms, Education, Competitiveness, SMEs, and Corporate Responsibility. Articles are prepared by experts on the particular topics, thus providing insight and engaging views.

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Human Capital: Education and Labor

  • Work in Slovakia - Good Idea!
  • Making the labor code work
  • Education of young people is our priority
  • Bringing top business minds and students together
  • From university to workplace
  • 4 awards in one month. What is the secret of Swiss Re Slovakia?
  • Corporate training programs: Trends in future skills
  • What skills do BSC employees need?
  • Changing the Slovak education system from the inside
  • The future of HR is now
  • Understanding what makes people tick
  • AmCham - the voice of reason, the voice of business
  • AI and Digital Transformation Impacts and Solutions
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