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Issue Plan 2019

Regional Development
  • Košice – an IT and SSC Hub
  • Regional brain drain
  • Financing options in the regions
  • Tourism industry in the regions
  • City-business collaboration models
Materials:     12.2018
Issue:         1.2019
25 Years of AmCham in Slovakia
  • Special issue dedicated to the 25th anniversary of AmCham Slovakia
  • The past and the future of the local business environment
Materials:     06.2019
Issue:         07.2019

Human Capital: Education and Labor
  • Business-Academia: models of cooperation
  • Slovakia’s brain drain
  • HR: current trends and challenges
  • Labor code and its impact on business
  • Corporate education and training programs
Materials:     02.2019
Issue:         03.2019

Innovations in the Digital Age
  • Slovakia’s potential in the knowledge economy
  • R&D in Slovak conditions
  • Digital innovation drivers: big data, cloud computing, mobility
  • Cybersecurity
  • Disruptive technologies
Materials:     08.2019
Issue:         09.2019
European Affairs
  • 2019 European elections
  • EU’s main challenges
  • Eurozone and its future
  • European capital markets
  • Banking union
Materials:     04.2019
Issue:         05.2019
Pillars of Good Society
  • Transparency and rule of law in Slovakia
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Meaningful CSR strategies
  • Sustainability and circular economy
Materials:     10.2019
Issue:         11.2019

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