Slovakia in Figures 2019

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Women in Business

Women´s role in our society is essential. Unfortunately, our society is not able to fully recognize the value women bring to our lives. Read our Recommendations & Actions! 

Rule of Law Initiative

For more information about Rule of Law Initiative / Iniciatíva za vládu zákona please visit

Past events
Speed Business Meeting
24. June 2019

organized in cooperation with other foreign chambers of commerce in Slovakia. 

BSCF Q2 2019 Quarterly Meeting - Bratislava
20. June 2019

Business Service Center Forum (BSCF) Q2 2019 regular quarterly meeting Bratislava - open for all BSCF members and supporters.


News and Updates

Inzinierske stavby, a.s. has became COLAS Slovakia, a.s. , June 17, 2019

Since the midnight 5th of June 2019 one of the biggest construction companies in Slovakia has changed its company name to COLAS Slovakia, a.s. The first big step in upcoming merger of Inzinierske stavby, a.s. and its sister company CESTY NITRA, a.s. - both members of COLAS Group, the world leader in construction and reconstruction of roads.

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Joint Statement of the American Chambers of Commerce in support of the Three Seas Initiative Patrik Tomeš, June 17, 2019

The Three Seas Initiative is moving forward with the common goal of improving the connectivity and cohesion of the twelve partner countries in Central Europe and the wider European home.

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Noerr has done it again! Another successful transaction: the sale of kika’s Central-Eastern European business to XXXLutz Gabriela Psotkova, June 17, 2019

Signa Retail wanted to sell their CEE holdings in kika, the home furnishing company. And asked for Noerr´s help.

Motivate yourself and your team – look for a solution with the expert , June 11, 2019

Team motivation activities are popular form of corporate teambuilding. In a playful way, under the supervision of an expert, who can improve things in a few hours.

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RPA as a component of digital transformation Marek Marcinov, June 05, 2019

Our clients across Europe use RPA technology to eliminate tedious tasks and human errors. This enables their employees to focus on higher value added tasks, increases productivity, employee motivation and customer satisfaction. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the most easily applicable technologies. It can be deployed in a matter of weeks and the payback is estimated within a few months.

Dentons launches 2019 edition of its ‘Investing in renewable energy projects in Europe’ guide Lenka Kotláriková, June 05, 2019

Ten years after the European Union vowed to produce 20 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, it has made huge progress toward that goal. Now, a new challenge beckons: In 2018, the EU formally set itself a binding target to achieve 32 percent of energy from renewables by 2030.

New COO at Komercni banka Slovakia , June 03, 2019

Jiří Mifek, who replaced Petr Strnad as of 1st of June 2019 in Komercni banka Slovakia as the COO began his carrier in IT sector on sales and executive positions. 

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AmCham supports “Civil Service Deed of the Year” campaign michal krcmery, June 03, 2019

As quality of public service is one of the priorities of the Rule of Law Initiative, AmCham became one of the partners of the initiative “Civil Service Deed of the Year” (“Úradnícky čin roka”). 

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